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From humble beginnings growing up on a Lake Brome dairy farm, Kenny Streule always aspired to be an actor. His career launched with his performance in 14 Diaries of the Great War right after graduating from Dawson College in May 2010. He is an active member of the bilingual Montreal performing arts community. He has collaborated with many Montreal Talents such as Catherine Bérubé, Stéphane Jacques and Chris Barillaro. Kenny’s passion for creating has led him to establish his own theatre company (plaidthursdayproductions.ca). Presently, Kenny hosts the crowd-pleasing improv show, Wild Fucking Improvisers in Action (previously known as Whose F*** Is It Anyway?).

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A Good Man

(PRINCIPAL, Carus Productions/ Karina Licursi

Fatal Vows: S3 E2

(ACTOR, CMJ Productions/ Leo Singer)


(PRINCIPAL, The Backrow/ Jonathan Bosco)

Instinctive Impulse

(ACTOR, House Noire/ Gad Issac Amar)

Projet Randa

(PRINCIPAL, Productions Project Randa/ Raphael Lafleur)

14 diaries of the Great War

(ACTOR, Looks Film & T.V. Productions/ Jan Peter)

The Hallow Dinner

(PRINCIPAL, Krzy Films/ Ahustosh Gupta)


Contemporary Knights

(PAUL/ GAWAIN, Plaid Thursday Productions/ Lauren Stone)

Whose F*** Is It Anyway?

(HOST, Plaid Thursday Productions/ Zachary Guttman)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

(LYSANDER/ PETER QUINCE, Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company/ Aaron George)

Black History Month Celebration

(ALEXANDER, Uni-T Entertainment/ Gara Nlanda)

To Be: In Concert

(CHORUS, Kaleidoscope Productions/ Trevor Barette)


(KENNETH RAGLAN, Loewenport Productions/ Emma McQueen

Alex Cross and his Rise To Fame

(ALEX CROSS, Medulla Oblangata Productions/ Franco DeCresentis)

Vocal Masques

(VARIOUS, Dawson College/ Jude Beny)

A Chorus of Disaproval

(JARVIS/ MR. AMES, Dawson College/ Steven Lecky)

You Can’t Take It With You

(MR. DAPINNA , Dawson College/ Douglas Buchanan)

Julius Caesar

(VARIOUS, Dawson College/ Jude Beny

7 Stories

(THE MAN, Dawson College/ Gary Plaxton)

Three Sisters

(SOLDIER, Dawson College/ Barbara Kelly)


(HERSCHEL, Dawson College/ Winston College)


Professional Theatre Program, Dawson College (DOME), Montreal, Graduated May 2013.

Coaching: Catherine Bérubé, Stéphane Jacques


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